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The Top Eco-Friendly Business Practices for 2016 and Beyond

When it comes to running a company, there’s a plethora of business practices to take into consideration- helping employees balance work and life, making enough profit to stay open and keep the stockholders happy, adhering to local and state ordnances, and countless other factors. However, the one factor that is skyrocketing to the top of many companies’ to-do list in recent years is sustainability, or their ability to do business in an environmentally-friendly fashion.   So, with that in mind, we’d like to present to you our list of the top eco-friendly business practices for 2016 and beyond, in an effort to educate prospective entrepreneurs or seasoned corporations alike in the benefits of “going green” in an effort to help save our planet while maintaining their profit margins as well.   Using Less Paper by Printing Less   Paper makes up about 35% of our waste stream – even though it’s one of the easiest materials to re-use and recycle. You can help reduce this waste by using as little paper as possible, and being smart about the paper you do use. When you do need to print important documents, make sure you use a recycled paper, and set your printer or copier to print on both sides of the page.   Pull the Plug   Turn off everything you possibly can before you leave the office each day, including your computer, printer, external hard drive, and other office gadgets. It helps if you plug everything into one power strip…they

Utilizing the Power of Online Yellow Pages to Research Businesses

In this day and age of the internet, information is literally at the fingertips of each and every consumer with access to a keyboard. Whether you’re looking for a garage to get some work done on your car, hire a landscaping service, or add a second floor onto your home so mom can move in, there’s no better why to get the low-down on who’s reputable and who will swindle you than with a quick trip to the online Yellow Pages.   Notice that I didn’t just say “Yellow Pages,” but “online Yellow Pages.” There’s a big, big difference between the two, especially these days. Print Yellow Page directories are quickly becoming obsolete in the age that has been ushered in by the digital revolution…when coupled with an economy that often sees businesses closing as often as they open their doors, a print directory – which is typically issued either annually every six months as best – can often be out-of-date the moment it hits your doorstep. Meanwhile, online Yellow Pages are usually updated daily, if not hourly, ensuring that your search results for any given business or business type are the very most accurate possible. So, for the same of this article and ensuring that you know what you need, when you need it, when you read “Yellow Pages,” you’ll know we’re talking about the online version and nothing but.   With that out of the way, we can get to the true meat of this article, namely using

Looking at the Latest Wave of “Green” Business Apps for 2016

With environmental conservatism growing in popularity over the years into the measuring stick that many businesses and organizations adhere to when it comes to their overall gauge of success, the amount of companies that are “going green” in an effort to save the ecosystems of the planet we all live on is doubling every month, it seems.   With businesses and individuals doing their part to help create a sustainable atmosphere where the environment is held first and foremost – after all, it’s the only one we’ve got – it’s only natural that another field that’s going by leaps and bounds – technology – should be doing its best to keep up with the demands of the public when it comes to this green trend. With the proliferation of hand-held, internet-accessible digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, and portable laptop computers, numerous multi-purpose applications – also known as “apps” – are all the rage these days.   Easily downloadable and serving just about any purpose you can imagine – from gaming, social media, and organization to shopping, digital photo editing, texting, and much, much more – apps are everywhere, and it’s only natural that they too would begin to adhere to the benefits of the green movement. So, today we’re going to look at some of the best and brightest eco-friendly apps on the market these days…are they worth your hard-earned data and time to download? Read on to find out.   It’s hard to believe that in this day

Putting Technology to Work for You: Researching People On the Internet Using the White Pages

In this day and age of the internet, a vast amount of information is at the fingertips of the public with a speed and encompassing volume like nothing ever seen before in history. This access to virtually anything and everything is unprecedented, and in the right hands, can provide an edge in just about any endeavor. One such use of the internet that is gaining in use and popularity these days is something that was solely the realm of the professional Private Eye- researching people, and the web has made doing so easier and faster than ever.   In recent years, using the internet for simple tasks such as looking up the phone number of an individual or a business has become commonplace for a number of reasons- simply put, it’s faster, more comprehensive, and more up-to-date than obsolete print directories and even directory assistance or 411. It’s just come to be accepted that if you need to call someone and you don’t know their number, all you have to do it take out your smartphone or flip open your tablet or laptop, and within seconds you’ll have the information you need, often at no cost at all. Therefore, it stands to reason that, should the need arise, even more extensive information can be culled from the internet on just about anyone and anything when you take into consideration that – much like Las Vegas – what happens on the internet stays on the internet.   Therefore, if you need

Exploding Samsung Note 7s Pose Risk To Environment, Experts Say

By now, everyone probably is familiar with Samsung’s infamous Galaxy Note 7 Android smartphone. No, not for the fact that, under optimal conditions, it is an excellent piece of technology, but for the fact that it’s battery is so prone to exploding that Samsung issued the largest consumer electronics recall in history – 4.3 million units, a figure made up of 3 million sold and an additional 1.3 million unsold – after both their flagship smartphone and it’s allegedly “safe” replacement would, on occasion, burst into smoke and flames in users’ hands. That’s not a feature that one looks for in their tech, that’s for sure.   But the real problem isn’t Samsung’s exploding phones; while scary, few people have actually been actually hurt by them. The problem, according to environmental blog Yellow Pages Goes Green, is now that the Galaxy Note 7 has been officially recalled and production permanently ceased…what are they going to do with all of those phones, and what will that disposal method do to the environment?   According to EcoWatch, the Galaxy Note 7 – like many smartphones – is comprised of numerous materials that, if summarily dispersed into landfills around the Earth, could ultimately break down and cause serious issues to whatever ecosystems they are occupying…much like the maligned Galaxy Note 7 has caused issues with Samsung’s reputation and profits.   “According to calculations by Oeko-Institut, a research and consultancy institution based in Germany, the 4.3 million smartphones contain more than 20 metric tons

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