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Goats – More than just Petting Zoo’s and Milk

Never underestimate a goat, they may have cute little faces, but they serve many purposes that really contribute to our environment, the recent wildfires (or better continual) in California struck my attention in regards to goats being in the news.

Six Common Foods with Hidden GMOs (Part III)

I don’t know about you, but I’m beginning to notice that, when it comes to ferreting out genetically modified food ingredients and additives, it’s not always enough to simply read the labeling on the packages — you also have to

Six Common Foods with Hidden GMOs (Part II)

It shouldn’t really surprise anybody that the domestic food industry focuses on its own bottom line at the expense of the quality of the American diet and the health of the citizens of the United States.  That said, learning that

There Are GMOs in This? Six Common Foods with Hidden GMOs

By now, those of us who rail against Monsanto and other GMO-purveyors while taking careful notice of the sources and contents of the food we eat are well aware that many prepared food products, especially those made with soy, corn

Sometimes a Bottle of Water Isn’t Just a Bottle of Water – Conclusion

Bottled water is big business in this country. Given our current societal focus on health-consciousness and the national push to combat childhood obesity, it is also a rapidly-expanding industry as more and more people substitute bottles of water for the

Sometimes a Bottle of Water Isn’t Just a Bottle of Water – Part IV

By: Lee Ann Rush The final two brands of bottled water we will investigate are Nirvana and Poland Spring. In Part III of this series, we saw that Fiji Water is premium-priced artesian water with health benefits perhaps outweighed by

Sometimes a Bottle of Water Isn’t Just a Bottle of Water – Part III

Written by: Lee Ann Rush Last time, we learned that Acadia Natural Spring Water often mirrors the chemical content of tap water from the water treatment facilities where the product was bottled, and that Dasani water is actually tap water

Sometimes a Bottle of Water Isn’t Just a Bottle of Water – Part II

Americans have all sorts of reasons for drinking bottled water: taste, convenience, health and even perhaps just to appear fashionable. The fact, however, is that the various brands of bottled water which many folks consider fungible and purchase based solely

Sometimes a Bottle of Water Isn’t Just a Bottle of Water

Author: Lee Ann Rush It may have been unimaginable even 25 years ago, but today bottled water is an enormous industry both in the United States, where an estimated 50 billion bottles are sold annually, and around the world, including

Monsanto Now Giving Presentations in Public School Classrooms

By: Lee Ann Rush Recently we discussed the benefits of bringing programs that teach basic gardening and ecology into the public schools, and noted that the number of these school-based programs is on the rise across the United States. The