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A Prescription for Vegetables?

Author: Lee Ann Rush A small article in a local newspaper several months ago prompted me to do some research on a topic I find truly compelling. There is now a national program underway through which physicians can write actual

Roundup Kills a Lot More Than Weeds

By: Lee Ann Rush Even though Roundup, the popular Monsanto-produced glyphosate-based weed killer, has been on the market for nearly 40 years, its potential harm to humans and other species of animals has been shrouded in mystery and misinformation for

Solar Energy Takes a New Approach

The sun provides us with light and warmth without asking for anything in return. It is truly magnificent and its resources can be so beneficial. Each hour the sun beams onto our Earth enough energy to satisfy all global energy

Are Hydrogen-Powered Cars in Our Future?

We’ve discussed some of the pros and cons of electric automobiles in this space, but it now appears that the wave of the future in environmentally-friendly vehicles that are also less expensive to operate than standard gasoline- and diesel-powered cars

Ivory Trade Still Going Strong… Stop the Poaching.

Ivory is a hard, white material derived from tusks and teeth of animals, consisting of dentine, a tissue quite similar to bone. Ivory has and still is an expression of wealth. It can be used for works of art, religious

Moistened Towelettes: To Flush or Not to Flush?

  Written by: Lee Ann Rush Years ago there were just “baby wipes,” moistened towelettes that were tossed into the nursery diaper disposal pail once the baby was changed.   In recent years, we’ve seen a proliferation of pre-moistened wipes available for

The Tesla Car Fire in Washington: Setback for Electric Vehicles?

Author: Lee Ann Rush On October 1, 2013 a Tesla Motors Model S electric car burst into flames on a highway exit ramp in Kent, Washington as the vehicle reportedly struck a large metal object in the road that had

Global Warming Will Bring Unfriendly Climate by 2047

   By:  Lee Ann Rush  Was this past summer hot enough for you?  Two recent studies on climate change predict that, unless stringent measures are taken very soon to curtail the greenhouse gas emissions that function to trap heat in our

Mexico’s Population Leveling Out

For years, farmers throughout the United States especially in the rich land of California, have had abundant, cheap labor for picking high value crops such as grapes, peppers, apples and such. Most of this cheap unauthorized labor is from our

Finding the Whales

All the creatures on earth have a place in the cycle of life and in the world’s food chain. If one creature’s existence is compromised, every other creature in the environment will feel the impact in a negative way. Whales