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Zip by (Yellow Pages Directory Inc.) is a leading online directory allowing users to search an online database and telephone directory for all telephone numbers in the USA. Using the above boxes, simply type in a name and location. Even if you don't have the complete information, the telephone number lookup database can help you find phone numbers.
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Using, you'll be on your way to finding residential phone numbers and connect with the person you're looking for. The good news is, even if you don't have the full details, our telephone number lookup can help you find any phone number in the USA. As long as you have some of the information to enter into the search fields, we will return a list of names, addresses and phone numbers that will help you find the details of the person you're looking for. In the past, if you were searching for a telephone number, the printed telephone directory was the only phone directory service available in the country. Since, as well as other major White Pages directories have moved online, you are now able to obtain telephone numbers from many private companies. Most of these directory enquiries services allow you to search numbers by street name and surname. At, we go one step further, allowing search by any data point, while keeping the world, just a bit greener.

  About Us, by Yellow Pages Directory Inc. is the leading online telephone directory and public information service for the United States. YPGG and WPGG make public information search simple.  
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