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Wireless Communications In Irvine

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Wireless Communications

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Standard Listings

Business Listing   Airtouch Cellular - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 221-0160

Business Listing   Amtek Inc - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 477-9977

Business Listing   Boost Mobile - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 789-4800

Business Listing   Campus Wireless - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 752-2888

Business Listing   Cell Box Wireless - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 653-0268

Business Listing   Cingular - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (714) 368-1990

Business Listing   Cingular Wireless - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 252-0020

Business Listing   Cingular Wireless - Store Locations- Irvine Spectrum - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 789-7500

Business Listing   Cingular Wireless PCS Store - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (714) 368-1999

Business Listing   Citifinancial - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 756-0235

Business Listing   Comarco Wireless Technologies - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 599-7400

Business Listing   Costclub-Cingular Wireless - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 453-1900

Business Listing   Custom Cellular / CC Wireless - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (866) 422-9473

Business Listing   Custom Cellular Concepts - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 250-7878

Business Listing   Dots PCS Wireless - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 474-1240

Business Listing   Eagle Communications - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 837-8788

Business Listing   Eastern Communications USA Inc - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 727-3611

Business Listing   EZ Works - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 752-2077

Business Listing   Gold Star Paging - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 752-1450

Business Listing   GSM Wireless Inc - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 425-1300

Business Listing   Irvine Davinci Art Studio - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 654-9601

Business Listing   K Plus One Wireless - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 651-9988

Business Listing   Magicomm Technology - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 472-5031

Business Listing   Mericom Corporation - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 470-7990

Business Listing   Motorola - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 399-4000

Business Listing   Nextel Communications - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (714) 368-3500

Business Listing   Nortel Networks - Telecommunications - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 476-4200

Business Listing   Opisys - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 916-5283

Business Listing   Pacific Access California Inc. - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 251-0800

Business Listing   Pacific Wireless Software - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 851-7800

Business Listing   Pager Part Mart Inc - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 679-6161

Business Listing   Paradigm Wireless - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 260-1840

Business Listing   PCS Wireless - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 474-1255

Business Listing   Phonex Communication - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 681-3400

Business Listing   Plus One - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 551-9515

Business Listing   Radioshack - Consumer Electronics Stores- Irvine - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 552-1091

Business Listing   Radioshack - Consumer Electronics Stores- Irvine- Heritage Plaza - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 559-3641

Business Listing   Redpoint Wireless - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 559-5130

Business Listing   RoadCalls - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (714) 545-6737

Business Listing   Server Bee - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 552-8587

Business Listing   Soundude Inc - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 681-0138

Business Listing   Spectrasite Communications - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 442-7674

Business Listing   STM Wireless Inc - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 753-7864

Business Listing   Sun Telecomunications - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 559-8885

Business Listing   T Mobile - T Mobile-Irvine Spectrum II - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 788-9260

Business Listing   T-Mobile - Culver & Alton - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 251-1576

Business Listing   T-Mobile-Irvine Spectrum - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 727-3308

Business Listing   The Wireless Company - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 770-2733

Business Listing   Verizon Wireless - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (714) 730-7790

Business Listing   Verizon Wireless - Communication Stores- Irvine - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 756-3515

Business Listing   VK Mobile USA Inc - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 250-9870

Business Listing   Voicestream Wireless - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 567-6800

Business Listing   Wireless Retail - Irvine, CA - Phone: 1 (949) 261-1668

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Helpful Definition for: Wireless Communications

Wireless communication in Irvine may be used to transfer information over short distances (say, a few meters as in television remote control) or long distances (like thousands or millions of kilometers for radio communications). It includes various types of fixed, mobile and portable two-way radios, cellular telephones, personal digital assistants and wireless networking. Other examples of wireless technology include garage door openers, wireless computer mice, keyboards, and headsets, cordless telephones and satellite television. They permit services that are impossible to implement with the use of wires, such as a long range communication. These services use some form of energy like radio frequency, infrared light, laser light, visible light, acoustic energy, etc, to transfer information without the use of wires.

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