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Advertising - All

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Standard Listings

Business Listing   1 -STOP MEDIA - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 218-0551

Business Listing   Abadan Reprographics & Imaging - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 747-2964

Business Listing   Ad Link - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 455-4021

Business Listing   Adspec - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 535-5719

Business Listing   Advantage Printing - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 534-7336

Business Listing   Aezy - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 368-7337

Business Listing   After Glo Media - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 534-4641

Business Listing   Associated Marketing Group - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 532-9810

Business Listing   Autosox USA Inc - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 747-0062

Business Listing   B P Cad Inc - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 536-1810

Business Listing   Banner Advertising - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 922-7828

Business Listing   Bassett & Brush - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 327-3182

Business Listing   BHW1 Llc - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 456-8640

Business Listing   Bill's Incredible Books - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 921-1471

Business Listing   Boston Books - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 326-3604

Business Listing   Brent-Wyatt West - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 326-5482

Business Listing   Buffalo Llc - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 534-1333

Business Listing   Business Forms & Specialties - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 838-4218

Business Listing   Centaur Group - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 444-8889

Business Listing   Certified Folder Display Service Inc - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 534-5391

Business Listing   Channel 2 KREM - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 448-2000

Business Listing   Chez Marketing Group - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 455-6100

Business Listing   Clark Company - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 838-4080

Business Listing   Clear Channel Radio - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 242-2400

Business Listing   Comcast Cable Advertising Sales - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 484-4128

Business Listing   Concept Fabrication - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 534-9235

Business Listing   CUDA Apparel Inc - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 325-0135

Business Listing   Databar Incorporated - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 483-4015

Business Listing   Decal Factory - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 465-8934

Business Listing   DESI Forms & Print - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 927-7767

Business Listing   DEX Media - Local Sales - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 922-1026

Business Listing   E Media Inc - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 535-0700

Business Listing   Exchange Nickel Want ADS - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 922-3456

Business Listing   Gibby Media Group - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 467-1113

Business Listing   Goldenadz - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 951-2304

Business Listing   Hamilton Photography & Film CO - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 327-9501

Business Listing   Hatch Advertising - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 228-0654

Business Listing   Johnston Bulletin Board Service - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 456-5804

Business Listing   KAYU TV Fox 28 - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 448-2828

Business Listing   KDK One Digital Media - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 624-9400

Business Listing   KXLY Radio Group - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 324-4200

Business Listing   Lamar Outdoor Advertising - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 489-4684

Business Listing   LCD Exposition Services-A Divis LLC CTY Dcrtrs Inc - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 325-9656

Business Listing   Lincoln Marketing Group - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 468-8498

Business Listing   M M I International Trade - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 532-2073

Business Listing   Mailstream USA Inc - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 487-1010

Business Listing   Market Vision Inc - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 325-8487

Business Listing   Marketing Solutions Northwest - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 927-9965

Business Listing   Marvicsigns - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 924-2907

Business Listing   Mason Marketing - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 535-7200

Business Listing   Master's Touch LLC - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 326-7475

Business Listing   MDI Marketing - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 624-9659

Business Listing   Media-Ad&Design - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 230-8102

Business Listing   Motion Industries Inc - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 924-4800

Business Listing   Nedved Advertising - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 467-5138

Business Listing   New Light Industries Limited - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 456-8321

Business Listing   Nickel NIK Want ADS - Northside Office - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 328-5555

Business Listing   Northwest Best Direct - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 533-5350

Business Listing   Pacific Marketing Group - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 924-7308

Business Listing   Pacificad Inc - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 326-7789

Business Listing   Panther Printing - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 344-4600

Business Listing   Papermill Printing - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 747-0484

Business Listing   Paragon Professional Services - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 927-9601

Business Listing   Power Marketing Services - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 535-0800

Business Listing   PR Advertising - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 326-5335

Business Listing   Preferred Advertising & Marketing - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 484-1107

Business Listing   Product Development Corporation - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 892-6901

Business Listing   Quisenberry Marketing and Design - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 325-0701

Business Listing   Ramax Printing & Awards Inc - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 928-1222

Business Listing   Real Estate Select.Com - Spokane, WA - Phone: (877) 737-2661

Business Listing   Regional Telephone Directory - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 891-6414

Business Listing   Robideaux! - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 838-1036

Business Listing   Sales Creators Inc - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 468-0587

Business Listing   Screen Tek Inc - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 928-8322

Business Listing   Spokane Specialties - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 921-1260

Business Listing   Sunset Outdoor Advertising - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 327-0103

Business Listing   Tangra Development - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 893-0737

Business Listing   Thompson Merchandising & Supply CO - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 482-1996

Business Listing   Travel Guide International - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 747-3551

Business Listing   Tri-State Sign Company - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 535-7724

Business Listing   Val-Pak - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 892-6334

Business Listing   Whiterunkle Associates - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 747-6767

Business Listing   Wilhite C R Safeguard Business Forms & Systems - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 534-9001

Business Listing   Wright Advertising - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 328-1532

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Helpful Definition for: Advertising - All

The corporate world of today has made advertising a necessity. Almost every single business in Spokane is out there promoting their brands with the help of advertisements. Adverting has become the norm. Advertising is not only done to increase the sales by promotion but also to build the reputation and credibility of a brand. Advertisements are created in such a way so as to draw the attention of the people towards the product or service. The reasons for which advertising is done are as follows: to increase the sales, to create a brand name or reputation, to convey information regarding any change in the product line, to announce any new addition to the service.

There are several medium of advertising in Spokane based on which advertising is categorized. The print advertising is done through mediums like newspapers, magazines, brochure, pamphlets, fliers, etc. The medium used in this case are all in printed form. Outdoor advertising is carried out through several tools which help in attracting outdoor customers. Billboards, kiosks, events, etc help in outdoor advertising. Broadcast advertising with the help of TV, radio or the Internet can be very popular as they are used maximum by the common people. Covert advertising means advertising a product in a movie. The advertisements which are done for promoting social causes like AIDS, Polio, etc, are known as public service advertising. Overall, advertising is done mainly to give a brand some recognition and in the process make them profitable.

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