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Standard Listings

Business Listing   Adoption Legal Services - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 462-3678

Business Listing   Afforda-Lawyer by Cooney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 467-6022

Business Listing   Agman Richard C Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 328-3968

Business Listing   Albrecht Kenneth J - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 455-6822

Business Listing   Algeo Clarke & Erickson - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 328-6123

Business Listing   All Washington Legal Clinic - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 326-3600

Business Listing   Allan Aurlo Bonney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 328-1896

Business Listing   Alleman Joe R Legal Administrator - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 838-6131

Business Listing   Allen & McLane- P.C. - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 777-2211

Business Listing   Allison Paul J Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 755-7000

Business Listing   Allison- John David Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 747-0101

Business Listing   Alpenhaus Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 747-0102

Business Listing   Andersen F Dayle Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 326-8200

Business Listing   Anderson- Steven O. Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 624-5265

Business Listing   Andrews & Swindler PS - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 325-6652

Business Listing   Andrews Robin D - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 624-5338

Business Listing   Annis- Eugene I. Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 455-9555

Business Listing   Arpin Law Office Spokane - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 838-9066

Business Listing   Arpin- Gregory J. Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 455-6000

Business Listing   Asan- Andrea L. Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 455-3647

Business Listing   Ashenbrener Christopher R Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 535-2400

Business Listing   Axtell Bradley J Attorney Axtell & Briggs - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 326-1332

Business Listing   Backman & Blumel- P.S. - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 487-1651

Business Listing   Bajalcaliev Chris Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 325-7522

Business Listing   Baker Elizabeth F Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 835-5000

Business Listing   Baker William Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 327-7567

Business Listing   Balch- Brian C. Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 455-8883

Business Listing   Bantz William B Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 838-4458

Business Listing   Barbe David - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 252-5050

Business Listing   Bardelli John A - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 926-9566

Business Listing   Barkdull Jeffrey Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 325-8422

Business Listing   Barnes- Ned M Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 624-2713

Business Listing   Bartoletta Dominic M Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 328-3733

Business Listing   Bayley Michael J Attorney Paine Hamffn BRKE & Mllr LLP - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 777-1087

Business Listing   Beach Robert E III - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 624-1389

Business Listing   Beatty- Donna L. Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 928-7414

Business Listing   Bechtolt Law Offices - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 838-3601

Business Listing   Beckett Mayree J - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 325-8466

Business Listing   Beegle Michael C Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 327-7080

Business Listing   Beemer & Mumma - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 324-6411

Business Listing   Berg- Roy A. Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 624-8888

Business Listing   Blair- Jacke L. Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 455-7999

Business Listing   Bloom Gary N - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 624-4727

Business Listing   Bodker Drew M Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 456-5100

Business Listing   Bohrnsen Andrew C Law Office Of - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 838-2688

Business Listing   Boswell Law Firm P S - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 252-5088

Business Listing   Boutz- Sean Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 455-5200

Business Listing   Bowman John P Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 624-8988

Business Listing   Boyden Bruce R - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 327-3457

Business Listing   Brajcich Douglas J PC Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 747-2002

Business Listing   Brajcich- Gary D. Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 455-9077

Business Listing   Brandt Randy A Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 325-7133

Business Listing   Brant L Stevens Attorney at Law - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 325-3999

Business Listing   Brewer Lisa - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 325-3720

Business Listing   Brewster- Jennifer Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 326-1910

Business Listing   Brock- Corey F Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 622-4707

Business Listing   Brown Patricia L - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 448-1234

Business Listing   Brown- Keith D. Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 747-2052

Business Listing   Bruce M. Nelson - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 325-2520

Business Listing   Bugbee Chris Attorney at Law - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 327-7277

Business Listing   Burke John J Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 838-8341

Business Listing   Burns Paul J Ps Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 327-2213

Business Listing   Byron G Powell Law Office - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 535-6200

Business Listing   C K Heaverlo - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 747-6877

Business Listing   Callen Mark B Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 459-0386

Business Listing   Campbell- John W. Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 624-9219

Business Listing   Carey- Marla S. Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 838-4261

Business Listing   Carlson David J - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 465-2499

Business Listing   Carroll Charles V Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 624-8200

Business Listing   Carroll Joseph G PS - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 928-2345

Business Listing   Caruso Robert E Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 323-5210

Business Listing   Casey Brandon R Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 326-7500

Business Listing   Center for Justice - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 835-5211

Business Listing   Chalich Shawn S Attny - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 928-4884

Business Listing   Charles T Conrad - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 924-4825

Business Listing   Chavez Mary PS - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 326-4162

Business Listing   Ciani Lynn Ann ESQ - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 462-1210

Business Listing   Cikutovich Frank L Stiley Madel Cikutovich PLLC - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 323-9000

Business Listing   Clark- John R. Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 926-4900

Business Listing   Clary- Raymond F. Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 747-9100

Business Listing   Clay Paul E Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 838-8330

Business Listing   Cleveland Charles A PS - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 326-1029

Business Listing   Cocco David L Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 325-4655

Business Listing   Coleman Kenneth Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 838-2425

Business Listing   Collazo Jesus Thomas Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 487-7149

Business Listing   Collins Tracy Scott - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 326-1020

Business Listing   Colton- Wendy L. Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 458-2750

Business Listing   Colwell Clark Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 838-7536

Business Listing   Conlin Mark J Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 624-3020

Business Listing   Conrad C. Lysiak - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 624-1475

Business Listing   Continental Land Company - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 624-3241

Business Listing   Coombs Roger A Attorney at Law - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 893-0205

Business Listing   Cooney John & Associates PS - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 326-2613

Business Listing   Costello & McBurns Attorneys at Law - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 325-5222

Business Listing   Couey Jason Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 326-5160

Business Listing   Cox Christian R Attorney Dunn & Black PS - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 455-8711

Business Listing   Cressey Michael Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 252-5061

Business Listing   Critchlow Robert - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 327-9544

Business Listing   Cronin- Dennis C. Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 328-5600

Business Listing   Crowley Kay B Attorney - Spokane, WA - Phone: (509) 326-3502

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Helpful Definition for: Lawyers - All

Lawyers in Spokane are professionals with an extensive knowledge of law within Washington and who practice law as well. The job of a lawyer demands the practical application of abstract legal theories and knowledge for solving specific individualized problems, or to advance the interests of clients or third  parties.

The responsibilities of a lawyer vary significantly across legal jurisdictions. The following are the major responsibilities that are common to most of the states oral argument in the courts: Research and Drafting of court papers, Advocacy (written and oral) in administrative hearings, Client Intake and Counseling (with regard to pending litigation), Legal advice, Protecting intellectual property, Negotiating and Drafting contracts, Conveying, Carrying out the intent of the deceased, and Prosecution and Defense of criminal suspects in Washington.

Some jurisdictions like Washington grant a diploma privilege to certain institutions, so that the primary qualification for practicing law is merely earning a degree or credential from those institutions. While in some countries a formal apprenticeship with an experienced practitioner is required. The career structure of lawyers in Spokane vary extensively. In most common law countries, besides private practice, lawyers  can become a prosecutor, government counsel, corporate in-house counsel, administrative law judge, judge, arbitrator, law professor, or politician. Non-legal jobs, such as corporate executive, government administrator, investment banker, entrepreneur, or journalist are the alternate career options.

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