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YPGG CEO Looks at Donald Trump’s Environmental Views, Relays Interesting Encounter With Republican Presidential Candidate

EAST NORTHPORT, NY – At Yellow Pages Goes Green, we’re as concerned about the environment as anybody… possibly more so, in fact, since the preservation and protection of the environment is why we do what we do. So, when it comes to the upcoming 2016 Presidential election, our CEO – Mr. Michael Keegan himself – is taking a very close look at who could be potentially leading our country for at least the next four years, with particular interest given to the candidates’ track records when it comes to all things green and sustainable.   Overall, Keegan is showing a decided interest in the policies and potential of world-famous businessman, real estate tycoon, and reality television star Donald Trump; while in some ways controversial with his viewpoints and rhetoric, he nonetheless seems to possess the acumen and brains to pull the United States out of the downward spiral that it appears to many to be locked into. But before making a decision on how he’ll cast his ballot this November – Trump or Hillary? – Keegan wanted to look into The Donald’s environmental track record first to see if his views coincided with his own.   Republican Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign – despite its success thus far – has been marked with some inconsistencies in regards to his public statements on a variety of policies. While he has claimed to be an environmentalist, he has drawn fire over his development practices on numerous projects, such as his many golf courses,

Keurig Introduces Recyclable K-Cups, But Environmentalists Ain’t Buying It

(Long Island, NY) People love coffee. They also love convenience. That’s why Keurig Green Mountain’s eponymous coffee machine has taken the world by storm…instead of being forced to grind beans, dump them into a paper filter, and run hot water through them in order to get a steaming cup of joe, those looking for a quick caffeine fix can simply pop a so-called K-Cup into a Keurig machine, press a button, and *poof* you have a cop of coffee in just about any flavor you can imagine. Given mankind’s gravitation towards any form or automation in their daily lives, it’s no wonder why the Keurig caught on so fast.   However, the Keurig is not universally beloved…environmentalists have long held a healthy dose of ire for the device, as the K-Cups have this pesky little habit of being non-recyclable, leading to landfills clogged to capacity and beyond with the things after their single-use lives have expired, according to an article by the Mother Nature Network.   “One in five kitchen counters in America houses a Keurig coffee machine, but the company has come under intense scrutiny in recent years for its monopoly on the coffee brewing market and for the extreme environmental degradation caused by its line of single-use plastic coffee pods,” they said. “Keurig critics have been quick to flaunt the statistic that in 2013 alone, Keurig produced enough plastic coffee pods to circle the Earth 10.5 times.”   The Keurig and its K-Cups have been something of a

Alliance for Green Heat and NYSERDA Announce Seven Finalists in International Pellet Stove Competition

Two New York teams are among the finalists (Long Island, NY) Alliance for Green Heat and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) today announced that seven pellet stoves have been chosen as finalists in the Pellet Stove Design Challenge. This international competition, administered by the Alliance for Green Heat, identifies innovative low emissions and high efficiency pellet stoves for the residential home heating market. The competition supports Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Renewable Heat NY initiative, which is building a sustainable, high-efficiency, low-emissions wood heating sector in New York.   The Pellet Stove Design Challenge supports the commitment of New York State, the Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Lab, the U.S. Forest Service and a number of other states, agencies and institutions to understand and improve the technology, engineering and smart deployment of pellet stoves to reduce reliance on fossil heating fuels.   Alliance for Green Heat and NYSERDA announced that seven pellet stoves have been chosen as finalists in the Pellet Stove Design Challenge. Photo Credit: NYSERDA.   The stoves will be judged for particulate matter emissions, efficiency, safety, innovation and market potential. The winner of the competition will be the team that best blends these qualities. The stoves present a wide range of design approaches, including gravity feed, downdraft burners, a combination cordwood/pellet stove, a $300 stove and more traditional designs.   In April 2016, the teams will showcase their stoves at Brookhaven National Lab during the workshop and conference that are open to the

NYS Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli Addresses Clean Energy Leadership Task Force

Audits Confirm Savings from Energy Efficiency Improvements at Long Island School Districts   (Long Island, NY) On Friday, February 19th, New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli spoke before the Clean Energy Leadership Task Force which is a project directed by the Sustainability Institute at Molloy College located at Republic Airport in Farmingdale NY. Mr. DiNapoli discussed the results of audits that his office completed of Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs) entered into by five Long Island school districts, as well as the investment strategy that has been developed for New York State’s pension fund.     Under EPCs, third-party energy service companies make energy saving upgrades or changes to operations, guarantee savings on energy bills, and are paid out of those savings.   The audits performed by the Comptroller’s office used the energy performance in the year following the work done under the EPCs to estimate the projected net savings for the school districts.   “The audits found that all of the districts were realizing significant energy savings, both reducing environmental impacts and helping to hold down operating costs for taxpayers.” Mr. DiNapoli said. The report found that the projected savings for school districts range between $66,0000 and $3.3 million dollars. “My auditors made recommendations to help officials better manage energy performance contracts to ensure that they are receiving the greatest possible savings.”   The school districts that were the subjects of the audits were:   Island Trees Union Free School District Middle Country Central School District Sachem Central School District

Governor Cuomo Announces Growth Of Clean Technology Companies And Creation Of 980 Jobs

$14 million Investment in Cleantech Business Incubator Initiative Supports the Development of 141 Clean Energy Companies across the State   (Long Island, NY) Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that 141 clean technology companies have been supported and primed for further growth through the Governor’s Cleantech Business Incubator initiative. The initiative has attracted more than $215 million in private capital and created 980high-quality jobs at the New York-based businesses statewide. The continued growth of New York’s emerging clean energy economy is a core component of the Governor’s Reforming the Energy Vision strategy to build a clean, resilient and affordable energy system.   “New York State is committed to supporting the development of this industry to reduce our energy consumption and create a more sustainable and resilient community,” Governor Cuomo said. “Through this initiative we are giving the best and brightest entrepreneurs an opportunity to get their startups off the ground, helping to create jobs, spur economic development, and secure a cleaner and greener future for the next generation of New Yorkers.”   NYSERDA has supported the incubator program with a total of $14 million, leveraging $15 in private sector investment for every one dollar invested by NYSERDA. The companies that were fostered by these incubators are poised for continued growth as the clean energy market expands in New York State and globally.   New York State Energy Research and Development Authority President and CEO John B. Rhodes celebrated the success of the Cleantech Business Incubator initiative at an event today

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