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Further Declines in Print Yellow Pages Ads Expected

NEW YORK – Research firm eMarketer has released a study that expects digital advertising to surpass spending on traditional TV, billboard and print by the end of this year. A portion of that decline is expected to be print Yellow Pages which are expected to see a 19% decline in an industry said to remain a $3 Billion dollar a year business. This translated to figures in the area of $570 Million fewer ad dollars for print yellow pages books. Winners in the online ad space sector remain to be Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) and Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL)which are expected to capture a whopping 60% of all online ad spending, with Facebook taking in somewhat more than Google since it is also the owner of popular social platform Instagram. The Yellow Pages business, specifically the print product, has seen continually declines over the years with our own Homepage poll reflecting 64% of people using online versions of the Yellow Pages most, versus the 36% claiming to still use print more often. According to the Yellow Pages Opt Out Movement has been particularly painful for print Yellow Pages publishers as consumers have the new-found opportunity to choose not to receive delivery of the print book, an effort which began after Yellow Pages Goes Green and Paperless Petition began online petitions for opt-out regulation.

Is Climate Change Contributing to The Current Deep Freeze Gripping the US?

NEW YORK, NY – Last week, a significant portion of the population of the United States had to deal with sub-zero temperatures – the likes of which have not been seen in this country before, leading to renewed debates in regards to the effects that Climate Change are having upon the planet. It turns out that a gradual warming of the planet’s atmosphere over the long haul can actually make things colder in the here-and-now. Areas in the Midwest last week reported temperatures as low as 50 and even 60 degrees below zero – colder than the North Pole – which is an astonishing low for a region of the country already known for harsh winter weather. Meanwhile, if we go south of the equator, Australia has been experiencing a heat wave of mammoth proportions, with average daily temperatures well into the 100’s. It’s gotten so bad in Australia, as a matter of fact, that hundreds of thousands of fish have literally choked to death in the water. And while we’re discussing the southern hemisphere, we would be remiss to mention that Antarctic’s largest glaciers have been reported to be showing signs of ruptures, an indication that the region is warming at a record pace. Clearly, the climate – the statistics of weather over long periods of time – of this planet, as opposed to the weather – which is merely the current state of the atmosphere – is in a period of rapid flux never before seen in human

Environmental Highlights of 2018 Are Paving Way to Bright and Sustainable 2019

NEW YORK, NY – While the fight to sustain and protect the environment on this fragile little sphere that we all occupy is a constant uphill battle, 2018 was nonetheless a year that saw significant progress in advancing the “green” agenda, laying down the groundwork for an even more successful and productive 2019. The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued a report in October of 2018 that the planet has only 12 years left in which mankind can institute changes – particularly a cut of at least 50 percent in carbon emissions by the planet as a whole – that will help to circumvent the most harmful and hard-hitting effects of global climate change.  This report was given credence by a report put out approximately a month later by the United States government, backing up the IPCC’s claims, noting that climate change has already had a serious impact upon America in the form of an increase in wildfires and hurricanes and that the occurrence and severity of these events will only increase if something is not done. The widespread coverage these reports received in the media last year helped to communicate the vital importance of combating global warming by all countries, great and small. However, despite this grim news, 2018 also saw a great many stories regarding how the global community is taking steps to safeguard the environment in a number of effective and progressive ways, and that these efforts will carry over into the new year and beyond.

Top 10 Handpicked Local Yellow Pages Websites

  NEW YORK, NY – It might seem like there are thousands of Yellow Pages websites out there, and that is because there probably is near a thousand of them. However, there are only a few that are well known, receive lots of traffic and actually help your website and business by being listed on them. Things that help your business are traffic, inbound web links to your site, and local citation building where your business listing information such as phone number, address, and website, match-up exactly across the web.   Below is a list of top 10 handpicked local Yellow Pages websites you will want to ensure your business is listed in. This list includes our eco-friendly Yellow Pages Goes Green as it also goes by the address   For a complete list of websites which are geared towards local citation building, see this list known as The Yext Knowledge Network (over 100 similar type sites).  

Turlock Journal Article Calls Out Yellow Pages Decline with Seemingly Accurate Analogies

  NEW YORK, NY – I stumbled upon an article in the Turlock Journal written by Dennis Wyatt which lays out a bunch of accurate analogies about the Yellow Pages, or as he calls it, today’s Yellow Page, a severally shrunken down version of what once was, an essential item in every American home, say, thirty years ago.   Some of the points that hit home, not only seemed accurate, but were also comical were:   In the early 1970s when delivery crews tossed the Yellow Pages onto your doorstep it sounded like they had thrown a brick. In many households the Yellow Pages was referenced with greater frequency then the Bible. There was a time when you actually looked forward to receiving the phone book directory. The phone book saved you from being charged for calling directory assistance (as well as a little extra to dial the number for you so you did not need to write it down). The White Pages is also shrinking as fewer and fewer households have landlines. Today most people pick up the Yellow Pages on our doorsteps and walk directly to the recycling cart and drop the phone book into it.   Other interesting points were that back in these days when the phone book was a hot commodity we used to remember phone numbers so well that we still remember them 50 years later. I’d bet for most adults, they still remember their childhood home phone number. However, these days that information

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