A Run-Down of the Top Businesses Types in Yellow Page Online Searches

Well, there no doubting that, in 2017, over 80 percent of Americans are getting their business listing information from online yellow pages as opposed to print; it just makes sense, and is such a prevalent fact at that point that it barely warrants repeating (although we just did!). But this article isn’t just about the fact that people are using the online yellow pages now more than ever…it’s about what people are using online yellow pages FOR, specifically. Of course, using online yellow page listings is fast, efficient, and ensures the most up-to-date results, but what are the top business types being searched for? Read on to find out more.


When it comes to online yellow pages, the most popular business searches tend to focus on immediacy; that is, what people need in a hurry, which is why, in recent polls and data collected from the top search engines, the plumbing and electric field tends to be the most trafficked when it comes to yellow page listings. And why might that be, you many ask? Well, such professionals are rarely called upon when time is NOT of the essence; indeed, most people tend to scramble for the online yellow pages to locate the nearest plumber or electrician when their basement is filling up with several feet of water or their power has gone down and it’s not a neighborhood-wide blackout. At trying times such as these, people will hop on their computer or smartphone, pull up the yellow pages, and try to find the nearest and best-qualified professional available to handle their crisis.


And the thing about the plumbing and electric fields is that they typically service only a specific, localized area, making the online yellow pages ideal for tracking them down, reading user reviews, and ultimately calling them and pleading that they come and assist you with your water-logged boggle. It’s as easy as pulling up your favorite yellow pages website or smartphone app, imputing the correct keywords (plumbers, your zip code or town name), and *poof* your query has been answered and your problems – hopefully- solved soon. And as a business owner, engaging the services of a company well-versed in local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help drive local customers to your door (or, rather, your website) and they need your expertise and assistance.


Following up plumbers and electricians when it come to the most-searched yellow pages businesses is legal services; lawyers have a very specific set of skills that people typically call upon when they’re in great need or distress, and again, as with any other occupation you’ll find in this article, when people need a lawyer, they usually need them NOW, and they need them to be LOCAL. Be it the need for legal counsel in the event of an arrest or accident, or any other of a wide variety of judiciary woes, people will hit up their yellow pages listings of choice without pause when looking for someone to help them navigate the court system to what will (hopefully) be a positive outcome for all involved.


Automobile repair shops also feature rather strongly on this list; with today’s economy, people are attempting to eke out as many miles as possible with their current car and save money in the long run as opposed to going through the trouble and crippling expense of purchasing a new vehicle and finding themselves drowning in debt. It only makes sense, as does the need to utilize online yellow page listings to find the very best of local repair shops when the time comes that your car is no longer road-worthy. Again, most drivers are looking for someone in their neighborhood that has the backup of numerous positive user reviews, both of which can be provided by yellow page listings; after all, do you want to leave your car – in most people’s instances, what gets them to and from their jobs each and every day – in the hands of someone who may not be the most qualified to fix it? Your online yellow pages can find you the best of the best with no muss, fuss, or hassle, each and every time.


Of course, yellow pages listings online can be used to find just about anything and everything a savvy consumer could possibly want or need, be it dining options, retail shopping, and more. But when it comes to the things that are most important to you- the well-being of you, your home, and your transportation – the online yellow pages can be a vital and pivotal part of getting the things that disrupt your life back on track with ease, efficiency, and effectiveness, and the best part is that it cost you nothing in terms of money OR time.