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Directory Originally Registered in 1996; Eventually Sold for $100 Million

  NEW YORK, NY – Imagine if you had the foresight, in 1996, to register the Internet domain name  That’s what a stock broker named Dane Madsen did when he found out that web addresses were able to registered by just about anyone with an idea and some cash on hand. was registered for roughly $130 and eventually sold for $100 million to the large telecom companies who run the old print phone books such as AT&T. The domain name was initially a website having nothing to do with the phone companies who had printed phone books, a process used for over 100 years before the Internet.   Today, according to our home page survey results, about 64 percent of Yellow Page users prefer online directories, over print books with about 35 percent saying they use the paper version. Over three hundred users have been surveyed in this poll, with each vote being cast by a unique IP address.   This number is also likely to grow with overall use of the Internet around the world. Other surveys have concluded that support for an “opt-in” method to receiving print books; verses being automatically subscribed are at 81% of respondents. But what would phone companies do if their circulation numbers plummeted?   These numbers suggest that online versions will continue to grow and be used more than conventional type Yellow Pages, and that Madsen’s purchase of the web address just might have been one of the greatest

“Green” Yellow Pages Publisher Offers Scholarship to Students Pursuing Environmental Careers

  EAST NORTHPORT, NEW YORK — Yellow Pages Directory Inc., which operates its nationally known ‘green’ version of the Yellow Pages at “Yellow Pages Goes Green“ has announced that for 2019, the company is offering a $1,500 scholarship to graduating high school seniors whose career path takes them into fields related to environmental science or preservation. The goal of this scholarship, which will be awarded to at least one student each year, is to encourage youth to pursue vitally-needed careers which impact the environment. Official scholarship rules – including physical address to submit your essay to is here:   “There’s one thing that we need in order to ensure that future generations are safe from the scourge of pollution and climate change, and that’s young men and women who are intent on pursuing careers in the environmental sciences,” said YPGG CEO and President, Michael Keegan. “The environment has sustained countless years of abuse at the hands of corporations and the only way to combat the damage is through supporting the next wave of environmental engineers, scientists, and preservationists, and that’s why we have instituted this scholarship contest. I invite any dedicated young students to get involved and submit their essay application.” Yellow Pages Directory Inc., owner of both and, offers an environmentally-friendly Web-based alternative to paper telephone directories while providing a simple and convenient mechanism for customers to opt out from the receipt of printed yellow books. Both web sites have been instrumental in promoting opt-out awareness across the

Tips For Properly Managing Your Whitepages Listings To Avoid The Horror of “Doxxing”

NEW YORK, NY – Doxxing – short for “Dropping Documents” – is the act of posting someone’s personal information online without their knowledge or consent for the purposes of inciting harassment against them. The reasons for doxxing someone can vary from petty revenge to juvenile pranks, but the result is almost always the same- the victim is shamed and hectored and least, and lead to fear for their very lives at the worst.   Information unleashed to the masses during a doxxing incident typically include the name, home address, email and phone number of the victim, in addition to links to personal social media accounts. In addition, information regarding friends, family, and loved ones can be readily disclosed as well, but regardless of the situation, the release of this information usually comes with a request from the person doing the doxxing- a request for any and all willing parties to begin a coordinated campaign of harassment intent on making the victim’s life a living hell.   And occasionally, a person being doxxed is actually the victim of mistaken identity, which can compound the damage being done, as the person being harassed has no clue of what or why this is happening to them.   Doxxing can be upsetting, and in some cases even dangerous, but unfortunately it’s an example of an act involving technology that the law hasn’t caught up to yet. Doxxing must result in behavior that results in outright stalking or mass harassment in order for it to

Consumers Beware – Yellow Pages Goes Green® Warns of Ongoing Yellow Pages Invoice Scam

NEW YORK, NY – According to a nationwide coalition of State Attorney General’s Offices, small businesses across the country are being targeted by a unique and dangerous scam; one designed specifically to separate them from their heard-earned money, and they’re using their local Yellow Pages to do it.   The scam comes in the form of solicitations sent out to the businesses in question that, at first glance, appear to be invoices from the local Yellow Page Directory. Typically, these invoices are mailed out by companies located outside of the state in which the victim is located, and while these companies at times actually do publish directories, they will usually only contain listings for a very limited number of businesses. However, sometimes these companies don’t even publish a directory at all.   These invoices can be very deceiving, as often they will be very official-looking, utilizing the well-known “walking fingers” logo and the term “Yellow Pages,” both of which are actually trademarks that exist in the public domain, according to court rulings. In addition, the invoice will include the phone number of the business, and other information, such as the name of an account representative and a request to update their listing if any aspect of it is outdated. These are all techniques to trick the victim into believing that an existing relationship exists; such professional-looking documents can certainly be confusing, and it’s that confusion that scammers rely on in order to rip off honest, hard-working businesses.   From there,

Thryv℠ Small Business Software Partners with Amazon’s Alexa to Bring Voice Activated Location Services to Small Businesses

  DALLAS – Thryv℠, the leading small business management software, announced today a partnership with Amazon’s Alexa via a deep integration with Yext. This integration allows America’s small businesses to appear in voice search on the leading voice-activated platform, Alexa.   “Small businesses across America can now update their business information on their smartphone and have that information found by consumers searching with their voice on Amazon’s Alexa,” said Gordon Henry, Chief Marketing Officer at DexYP, which owns and operates Thryv. “Thryv helps small businesses to compete more effectively because consumers using Alexa will know where, when, and how to find them.”   In the past, consumers often found local business information on the Internet, such as business hours of operation for scheduling appointments, to be wrong or out of date, because updating information was difficult for business owners. Thryv simplifies this task, enabling small business owners to update their information via their smartphone, and that information will now be searchable via voice on Alexa.   “We are thrilled that Thryv has now voice-enabled small businesses on Alexa,” said Howard Lerman, CEO of Yext, which recently announced a global integration with Amazon. “Thryv, via Yext and Alexa, will enable consumers to get the most up-to-date facts about businesses—locations, contact information, hours of operation, and more—straight from the source: the business itself.”     “All the basic behaviors within Thryv are now extended to an additional platform, Alexa, requiring no additional work for these small business owners,” added DexYP’s Henry. “This

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