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Ban The Phone Books; Who Needs Them?

  EAST NORTHPORT, NY – Do own or operate an environmentally friendly website or service? Are you pushing or advocating for a greener Earth? If so, you can support our website by making Yellow Pages Goes Green your official partner by adding a link to our environmentally friendly alternative to Yellow and White Pages directories while suggesting your users and visitors stop using traditional phone book companies and start using Yellow Pages Goes Green.   Our Yellow Pages alternative is fast, free and continually updated hosting over 27.5 million commercial business listings and over 250 million White Pages people pages. That’s a lot of information and it is changing and being updated and improved every day. Unlike print phone book which are continually being reprinted to keep the up to date, Yellow Pages Goes Green saves all this waste and is a digital only service.   Users can find all of the information they need through this single source, while helping promote the environment and helping us advocate for the discontinuation of print telephone directories. Yes and you can help by suggesting your users and visitors to cease using traditional players; those who still print paper directories and distribute them to homes and businesses who for the most part, do not even want them.   For some ideas on how you can recommend us on your website, blog, or other Internet site please click here for images and links. If you have other ideas on how you can team up

Yellow Pages Goes Green® Announces Eight Online Petitions for Ban on Print Phone Directories

  Online Phone Number Publisher continues push for more legislative action against phone companies printing unwanted phone books in the United States   EAST NORTHPORT, NEW YORK — Yellow Pages Goes Green is helping municipalities and local governments around the country establish ordinances to mandate Yellow Pages and White Pages only be delivered to home and offices that actually request them. Municipalities and local government that provide trash services are concerned about the landfill cost and why they must absorb the cost of handling telephone directories. YPPG supports this mission.   Telephone directories generate clutter, while straining environmental resources and burdening taxpayer funded recycling programs. While consumers increasingly turn to online search engines and digital directories for phone numbers, yellow pages publishers continue to produce and deliver printed phone books to U.S. residences, sometimes multiple times per year. Virgin paper production for phone books in the U.S. uses an estimated 4.68 million trees worth of wood fiber annually – that’s a forest the size of 14 football fields. Yet, in 2009 (the last year the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) provided data on phone book recycling), only 37% of all phone books were recycled. Instead, 410,000 tons of directories went to landfills or incinerators – at a cost of about $60 million to local governments (and taxpayers) nationwide.   To participate in the online petitions visit these links:   “Cities and Towns can use their litter laws as tools to

Robocall Study Ranks Wireless Carriers’ Performance Detecting, Managing Unwanted Calls

  SEATTLE – A newly released study by Mind Commerce of leading wireless carriers’ robocall detection and unwanted call management solutions finds that Verizon’s “Enhanced Caller Name ID” solution has the highest overall accuracy, followed by T-Mobile and AT&T.   The Federal Trade Commission reported that consumers filed more than 4.5 million robocall complaints in 2017, up from 3.4 million the prior year. To determine how wireless carriers’ robocall solutions for consumer and business customers are performing, the Mind Commerce robocall study examined AT&T Wireless’s “Call Protect”, T-Mobile’s “SCAM ID in combination with Name ID”, and Verizon Wireless’s “Enhanced Caller Name ID”. Sprint and US Cellular have also launched solutions but they were not evaluated as part this study since they use the same or similar systems as the one deployed by Verizon.   Key study results: Verizon most accurate – The Verizon solution was found to have the highest overall accuracy as their solution correctly identified potential problem phone numbers approximately1 93.6% of the time. This is in comparison to the T-Mobile and AT&T solutions, which demonstrated an overall accuracy of approximately 90.1% and 86.9% respectively. Overall accuracy in this study is defined as a solution’s ability to successfully identify a call associated with a problematic number, which could be a known or probable spammer, scammer, or otherwise “problematic” telephone number. Verizon also tops ‘call spoofing’ category – Verizon also performed best in accurately identifying the growing tactic of call spoofing, correctly identifying spoofed numbers 98% of the time during

AT&T and Ericsson Team Up on IoT Cybersecurity

  Will Test Devices Under Industry Program to Build a Trusted and More Secure Wireless Ecosystem for the Internet of Things   DALLAS – AT&T* and Ericsson are joining forces to offer comprehensive testing to help safeguard IoT devices from growing cybersecurity threats.   We’ve seen more than a quadrupling in vulnerability scans of IoT devices at AT&T in the last two years. Only 10% of the organizations we surveyed are fully confident their devices have adequate security measures in place.   That’s why we’ve teamed with Ericsson to make it easier for businesses to get the baseline testing and validation they need to help make their devices more secure. We offer the service through the CTIA’s  recently announced Cybersecurity Certification Program.   Our goal is to identify device vulnerabilities that could threaten the data collected and sent across communication networks. This will help businesses put appropriate cybersecurity defenses in place.   “It’s no secret security is a growing threat for IoT. Our work with Ericsson will help establish a common and readily achievable security program that protects devices, consumers and our networks,” said Cameron Coursey, vice president, IoT Solutions, AT&T.  “CTIA Cybersecurity certification will help our customers better protect themselves.”   “As the number and diversity of IoT devices continue to rapidly grow, assuring the security of these devices is of paramount importance. Ericsson is the only network equipment provider accredited as a CTIA Authorized Test Lab for Cybersecurity Certification and we are pleased to be working with AT&T on this industry-leading initiative,” said Tomas Ageskog,

YPGG: Opting Out of Phone Book Delivery Vital for Consumers and Environment

  Companies which print paper books are burning 3.2 kilowatts of electricity per hour and wasting over 7,200,000 barrels of fossil fuel. NORTHPORT — (“YPGG“), a telephone directory at the forefront of the environmentally-conscious “Green” movement, is announcing the greater-than-ever need to participate in the national “out-out” movement regarding unwanted home delivery of print telephone directories. With a vast array of digital and internet-based alternatives available to consumers to consult to get the information they need, the very concept of the traditional phone book is a relic best consigned to history’s garbage heap, and opting out of its delivery is not only a great way to reduce clutter in your life, but to also safeguard the environment as well. An innovator in digital business and telephone directory listings and an advocate for staunch environmentalism, is a cutting-edge website that delivers over 28.5 million up-to-the-minute Yellow Page listings and over 200 million White page listings throughout the United States. In addition, YPGG is a pioneer in the national phone book “opt-out” movement that seeks to abolish obsolete print telephone directories that are not only out-of-date by the time they land on doorsteps, but find themselves clogging landfills by the millions shortly thereafter. Every year, thousands upon thousands of phone books land upon the stoops of people who almost never even crack them open once, as their needs in that regard are already fulfilled by any number of digital alternatives, such as YPGG, easily and instantly accessible via devices such as smartphones, tablet computers, and laptops,

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