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    Green Initiatives & Environmental History for: British Columbia

    Basic History

    With the discovery of stone tools, human habitation in the Canadian state of British Columbia goes back to about 11,500 years ago. Indigenious peoples of Pacific Northwest spread around the region. The Europeans arrived in the present day British Columbia around the mid 18th century. However, during the year 1770, small pox killed a large part of the natives in the area. Sir. F. Drake explored the coast of British Columbia around the year 1579. However, the first documented voyage was carried out by Juan Perez in the year 1774. It was followed by J.F de la B. y Quadra who explored the coast in 1775. With repeated expeditions, the Spanish came forward in claiming the Pacific coast of British Columbia. However in 1778 and 1792, James Cook and George Vancouver respectively came forward by claiming British jurisdiction over the coastal areas of northern and western part of Columbian river. Trade was an important part of gaining further control over the area.

    Environmental History

    A major part of British Columbia is basically wild to semi-wild in nature consisting of a wide range of parks and protected Alpine-typed forests. As far as fauna is concerned, grizly bear, kermode, black bear, elk, deer, caribou, mountain goats, mukrat, wolves are found in British Columbia. A large variety of fishes like bass, halibut, steelhead are also available and this helps in the commercialisation of fishing activities in the area. Avian species like eagles, Canada geese, loons, swans, owls, hawks, ducks, jays, robins, chickadees and grosbeaks can also be found in the state of British Columbia. In order to conserve the local forests, the local government has set up a number of ecozones which can protect the local environment in an unique way. Proper conservation of forests also helps in the development of forest-based industries in the region.

    Green Initiatives

    A major green initiative that is followed by the regional government of British Columbia is the conservation of energy. Lowering of Carbon emissions by over 30% by the year 2020 is an important part of promoting the green culture among the residents of the state. The local government of British Columbia is forcing local consumers to discard old cars to modern cars which burns less amount of fuel. This could also be done by setting new tail pipe emission norms in the region. Hydroelectricity and natural gas-based power stations is also being promoted over coal fired plants. Homeowners are also being advised to conduct energy audits for preserving power. The transportation department is advising residents to move towards hybrid vehicles by replacing their gas guzling SUV for conserving precious fuel. Using of energy efficient electrical systems will also help to save the environment.

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