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    Green Initiatives & Environmental History for: New Brunswick

    Basic History

    Original inhabitants of New Brunswick were the members of three prominent tribes in the region. The largest among the tribes have occupied the coastal and the eastern areas of the province. Around the year 1534 the French started their exploration led by Jacques Cartier. He discovered and named the bay of Chaleur. The treaty of Utrecht signed in 1713 led to the surrender of the Nova Scotia Peninsula to the British. With the breaking out of the Franco-Indian war in the year 1754, the Britishers completed their quest of Arcadia which was gradually extended to all of New Brunswick. Gradually over a period of time the present day New Brunswick came under complete British control.

    Environmental History

    New Brunswick have a large sea coast since it is almost surrounded by water which creates an oceanic type of climate. Inspite of having so, interiors are deprieved from any type of major oceanic influence. There are a large number of rivers in the area and the northern part of the state is surrounded by the mountains of Applachian. The mountanious areas fall under the eco region of Eastern Canada. A wide variety of species of fish are found which helps in the promotion of commercial fishing.

    Green Initiatives

    Protection of environment is an important initiative of the local government. This effort has been further augmented with the ill effects of global warming. The environment department is promoting green energy initiative in the construction of buildings. Other ecofriendly measures for the promotion of green energy initiatives includes bio-mass based electricity, hydroelectricity, using LED lamps, solar power, wind energy etc. As far as the transportation sector is concerned, promotion of battery operated electric vehicles is also a part of the green initiative. Local government is also setting new emission standards to sort out old vehicles and making bicycles and public transport a part of this effort.

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