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    Green Initiatives & Environmental History for: Newfoundland and Labrador

    Basic History

    Human habitation in the areas of Labrador and Newfoundland can be traced around 9000 years ago. The early settlers around the area were the Maritime archaic people. They consisted mainly of various archaic cultures and they basically hunted sea-mammals. Their prosperity came within the years 7000 BC- 1500 BC , when they engaged themselves in long distance trade. These maritime archaic people were gradually displaced by people from the Dorset culture. The European connection started with the Vikings' Icelandic Saga which refers to the landing of Leif Ericson at three places in the west. Some archeological evidence of Norse settlement were found in the area of L'Anse aux Meadows at Newfoundland. This has been declared as a World heritage site by UNESCO in the year 1978. Portugal claimed territorial rights of the area visited by John Cabot in 1497-98. Their claim was based on the treaty of Tordesillas. Over a period of time Newfoundland became a permanent English Colony around the year 1610 - 1728. English proprietary governors were appointed at that time. The french also came to cultivate the rich fishing ground of the Newfoundland coast. However the efforts of french colonisation were trashed by the British.

    Environmental History

    Labrador and Newfoundland is located at the easternmost part of Canada. Its location is on the north-eastern corner of North America. The Belle Isle Strait separates the province in two separate geographical divisions. While Labrador is a large landmass connected to the Canadian mainland and Newfoundland, it is an island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Both the areas experience a subarctic to humid continental type of climate. Newfoundland and Labrador is perhaps one the best places to see and appreciate nature. As far as flora is concerned, there are some rare breeds of orchids, blueberies, blackberries, bakeapples and many more. There is hardly any shortage of fauna or wildlife in the area. You will find some of the largest herds of caribou, black bears, a variety of whales and plenty of seabirds. The ecological reserve of Burnt Cape located on the Great northern Peninsula is preserving every form of flaura and fauna with utmost care. With the growing of a variety of berries in the area it is helping in the growth of various food and other forest-based industries in and around the region.

    Green Initiatives

    Since Newfoundland and Labrador is located at the northeastern part of the country, so any ill-effects of climate change will affect it first. In order to arrest this menace, the local government is trying every possible means to increase the use of various recyclable products. There is a trend of promoting and usage of clean and green energy with the replacement of fossil fuel with wind, biomass and solar energy. In the transportation sector, the local administration is promoting the usage of electric cars, bio-fuels and battery operated public transportation system. Use of recylable paper bags, reusable batteries is also an important part of the green initiative.

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