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    Green Initiatives & Environmental History for: Northwest Territories

    Basic History

    Around the year 1870, the present day territory of Northwest was created. At the time of creation the Bay Company of Hudson transfered Northwestern territory and Ruperts land to the Canadian Government. The territories were gradually whittled away to create other provinces. The province of Manitoba was created in the year 1870. In the year 1876, the district of Keewatin was separeted from the Northwestern territories, though it returned back to the Northwest Territories in 1905. Until the year 1925, the areas of Northwest were extended up towards North Pole. The reduced area of Northwest territories were not not represented in the Canadian House of Commons until 1947. By the year 1999, three fifths of Northwest territories became almost a separate Canadian territory in the name of Nunavut.

    Environmental History

    Northwest territories is located at the northern part of Canada. It borders Yukon province in the west and Nunavut in the east. The province of British Columbia is located in the southwest, while Saskatchewan and Alberta in the south and southwest respectively. The area also consists of two of the largest and deepest water bodies, namely Great bear and Great slave lakes. The river Mackenzie and the National Park Reserve of Nahanni which is a UNESCO listed World Heritage site is also located here. Due to the extreme cold climatic conditions, only a few trees and plants could have adopted to it. Some of the most common trees are Paper birch, Jack pine, Balsam poplar, Tamarack etc. Alders and willows are some of the most common shrubs found in the area. Lichens are a source of food to the Caribou breed of deers. The area has an abundance of mammals like barrenland and woodland Caribou, red fox, lynx, black and brown bears, arctic wolf, wolverline etc. In northern territories one can find a large variety of birds including thrushes, kingfishers, robins, bald and golden eagles, Gry and peregrine falcons, ospreys etc. As far as aquatic creatures are concerned, the area includes dolly varden, lake trout, salmon, pike, archtic char etc. The flaura and fauna of the state helps in the growth of seasonal and wildlife tourism of the Northwest Territories.

    Green Initiative

    green initiatives undertaken by the local administration includes the reduction of greenhouse gases by about 20% by the year 2020 AD; reduction of both fuel consumption and green house gas emissions by about 3.7 and 4.5% respectively; converting about a hundred vehicles per year to propane for reduction of CO2 emissions; reduction in the consumption of paper with the increasing use of energy efficient multi-function devices; promoting inceasing use of alternative fuel, electric vehicles, particularly in the metropolitan area. As far as electricity is concerned, the trend is to increase the share of non-conventional energy like wind and solar power. The environment department is also trying to promote the use of LED Lamps, electronic circuit breakers, electronic regulators etc. The trend is more of using the natural source of light in buildings and public places to the maximum possible extent.

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