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    Green Initiatives & Environmental History for: Nunavut

    Basic History

    The region of Nunavut has been home to various indigenious tribes for the last 4000 years. Several excavations have failed to assertain the true aborigins of the land. As far as the written historical materials of the Nunavut region is concerned, it was first accounted by an English Explorer, Martin Frobisher in the year 1576. He lead an expedition to find a route to the Northwest Passage and made a contact with the Inuit tribe. Following his footsteps, several other explorers made attempts in the later years. The islands of Ellesmere and Cornwallis prominently featured during the Cold War due to the strategic importance of the area and their geo-political position. The Nunavut finnally got their land by the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement, and the transition of the Nunavut Territory was finally completed on 1st of April 1999.

    Environmental History

    The territory of Nunavut includes a part of the mainland from the archipelago of the Arctic. It includes the islands located in the bays of James, Hudson and Ungava. Arctic type of climate is prevalent here. Among the prominent carnivorous mammals, there is the Polar bear, arctic fox, wolverlines and many others. As far as the plantation and trees are concerned, the area is full of different types of arctic moss. It is also serves as the staple food of the caribou deer. During the short duration of summer and spring months, various kinds of beautyful flowers are grown in the area. This brings in various kinds of brightly colored birds in the area like blue jay, thrush, robin and many others. A few variety of fishes are also available in the area and helps in the development of the fishing sector. Tourism is mainly seasonal in nature and its main aim is preserving the environment along with promoting natural entertainment.

    Green Initiative

    Protection of the environment is the single most important intiative of the local environment ministry. Since the area is located at the northern most part of Canada, the ill effects of climate change is felt here first. This compells the local environment ministry to promote tough measures to drive the use of fossil fuels. Green fuel and various environmental measures are driven as a continuous process. Solar cells, wind power and bio-mass gets peference over conventionally produced electricity. Environment friendly public transportation systems are also being promoted in the area. New tail pipe emission norms are being set for improving the immediate environment. Recyclable products are also promoted for daily use.

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