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    Green Initiatives & Environmental History for: Ontario

    Basic History

    The land of Ontario was actually subdivided by the conclusion of a treaty with the native people who ceeded the land to the outsiders. In the year 1788, southern Ontario was divided into four districts namely Lunenburg, Hesse, Nassau and Mecklenburg which were renamed in 1792; and doubled to eight in 1798. Finally, there were about eleven districts after a reconstitution of the area at the end of 1826. Another reconstitution took place in 1838 and the number of districts were increased to twenty. Districts of southern Ontario were abolished in the year 1849 by the 'Province of Canada', with the county governments gradually taking the responsibility of the local municipalities. Later, Canada acquired the Ruperts Land which further defined the area of the province of Ontario. French explorer Eteienne Brule, was probably the first European to explore a part of the area in 1610-1612. Just a year later, the English explorer Henry Hundson sailed into Hudson and claimed the area for England.

    Environmental history

    Ontario contains about two percent of World's forests. Most of it falls in the range of decidious forests which covers approximatley an area of about 70 million hectares. The area is spread from Niagra falls to the mixed forest area of St. Lawrence and Great Lakes region. Though the region is quite rich in minerals, the soil is not fertile to support agriculture. The fertile land of the St. Lawrence valley and Great lakes region is being increasingly used for agriculture and other urban and industrial development purposes. The province of Ontario is partly covered and shielded by mid-western and central forests, whereas the southwestern part is covered by the Californaian forests. A wide variety of flaura and fauna could be found in the region. Among the large carnivorous breeds there are black bears, wolves, fox, caribou deers and many more. Due to the location of a large number waterbodies the area experiences an avaliability of a wide variety of fishes and avian species.

    Green Initiative

    Protection and preservation of the existing environment is one of the most important aspects of the current green initiative. In order to support this trend, the local environment ministry is promoting the use of bio and organic fertilizers for the farming community. With the growing of healthy and nutricious cattle feed, the dairy industry will be able to reap the benefits with the production of good quality milk. With the joint effort of both the environment and the transport ministry, new tail pipe emission norms are being introduced. Efforts are on for using battery-operated personal and public vehicles, low-floor low-emission buses, bicycles etc. The industrial and the enviroment ministry is also promoting the idea of using recyclable material and this includes recyclable batteries, paper etc. As far as conservation of electricity is concerned, the power ministry is promoting the use of led lamps, electronic circuit based regulators. Production of green energy is also getting enhanced with increased production through wind, solar and biomass.

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