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    Green Initiatives & Environmental History for: Prince Edward Island

    Basic History

    Before the arrival of the Europeans, the Mi'kmaq tribe were the primary inhabitants of the place now known as Prince Edward Island. Back then, the tribe had named the place Epekwitk. In the year 1534, Jacques Cartier was the first French and probably the first European to view discover the island. As part of the french colony of Acadia, the island came to be known as "lle Saint-Jean." Later, around the year 1745, during the reign of King George, the Siege of Louisberg led to the New Englanders taking control of the land. This was followed by yet another battle at Port-la-Joye in the year 1746 in order to regain Acadia. Finally, the British were handed over the island by the french under the terms laid down on the Treaty of Paris of 1763. Years after the American Revolutionary War, in 1798 the island was given its present day name. It was a name given to honour Prince Edward Augustas, the fourth son of King George the III. The nineteenth century saw the island becoming a fashionable place for the British nobility to enjoy the adventures of the sea. In 1864 the island hosted Charolottetown conference, which marked the beginning of the revolution of Quebec, that led to the formation of Cancada. Finally, Prime Minister Sir. J. A. MacDonald convinced the colony to join the Canadian federation after liberal financial bailouts.

    Environmental History

    The land experiences varied climate, ranging from fairly cold winters to hot summers. While temperature ranges between 23 and 30 degree Celsius on a typical summer noon, a winter day often experiences temperature less than 3 degree Celsius. Autumn is the most pleasant of the seasons on the island. Due to its beautiful pastoral beauty and lush green agricultural fields, Prince Edward Island is popularly known as "Garden of the Gulf". It is located in the gulf of the St. Lawrence river. Its location is at the west of Cape Breton island and east of New Brunswick. The peninsula of Nova Scotia is located at the south. The southern shores of this island is bounded by the straits of Northumberland. The local environment supports a wide variety of wild life in the area. A number of carnivorous breeds are available in the area and they include black bear, lynx, pine marten, red fox etc. Others include caribou deer, snowshoe hare, ruffled grouse, woodcock and many others are also available here. As far as the avian species are concerned, there are a number of duck and bird species available here. This includes pin-tails, ring-necked ducks, partidges, blue jays etc. The aim of the local administration is to conserve nature and promote wildlife oriented tourism in the area. Preservation of forests also leads to the increased production of both timber and honey, since new plantation techniques are adapted.

    Green Initiative

    Caring for the environment is one of the most important step for promoting the green initiatives. This not only includes the preservation of forests and water bodies but also to promote the use of green energy. The environment ministry is promoting the use of bio-fertilizers, recyclable paper and batteries, geo-textiles and many other new-age eco friendly materials for preserving nature. Conventional ways of producing electricity are giving way to solar power, wind energy and green fuel like ethanol. New legislatures are being brought to reduce tail pipe emissions of all vehicles. The trend is for using battery operated vehicles and reduce dependance on private motorized transportation. Bicycles are given increased preference and promoted in a large way with the increased construction of dedicated bicycle paths. All this steps are taken to reduce CO2 emission levels to 2005 levels and if possible, beyond.

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