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    YPGG Uses Eco-Friendly Alternatives for Hosting Environment

    Green Web Hosting: Initiative for Eco-Friendly Alternatives.

    As an initiative for the promotion of green eco-friendly alternatives to traditional phone books and print directories, (Yellow Pages Directory Inc.) takes an added initiative to minimize the impact we have on the environment with our own computers, servers and web hosting services. We believe this sets the best example and invite you to participate with your own business.

    Data centers are major contributors to energy consumption and carbon emissions, accounting for more than one percent of total electrical use within the U.S. The typical hosting operation requires a great deal of energy to power web servers and other network equipment. Environmental and cooling controls, fire-suppression systems, electronic security mechanisms and Internet connections all call for the use of energy. This is the setup in data centers all over the world, and you can image the negative affect the hosting industry has on the environment.

    The world has a fixed amount of resources - some of which are already depleted. So as population growth greatly strains our finite resources, there are fewer resources available. If we intend to leave our children and grandchildren with the same standard of living we have enjoyed, we must preserve the foundation of that standard of living. We save for our children's education, vacations, and weddings, but what about saving clean air, energy, water, fuel sources and trees for future generations?

    Yellow Pages Directory Inc. feels confident that hosting our servers with RackspaceĀ® Hosting, (NYSE: RAX) on GreenSpace web servers takes an additional step toward a cleaner tomorrow. Rackspace designs all of its data centers with power conservation in mind and leverages the latest energy efficient hardware and equipment.

    RackspaceĀ® Hosting: GreenSpace

    Learn more about the Rackspace® Hosting Initiative:

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