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City, StateZipCountyTime Zone
Buffalo Lake, NC27330LeeEST Time
Carbonton, NC27330LeeEST Time
Colon, NC27330LeeEST Time
Haw Branch, NC27330LeeEST Time
Jonesboro Heights, NC27330LeeEST Time
Osgood, NC27330LeeEST Time
Pine View, NC27330LeeEST Time
Sanford, NC27330LeeEST Time
Shallowell, NC27330LeeEST Time
Swan Station, NC27330LeeEST Time
Tramway, NC27330LeeEST Time
White Hill, NC27330LeeEST Time

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City, StateZipLatitudeLongitude
SANFORD, NC27330+35.469782-79.171723

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